• Press pic to listen to the track "Techno Aina" taken from the vinyl EP "VIXXEN" (Börft Records 162)

    DA BOOK Live Electro Set at Halycon, Williamsburg 2019

    Photo: Viktoria Blomberg Book

    NYC. Photo: Elliott Blomberg Book

    Düsseldorf by Night live at Eter Festival

    The music project Düsseldorf by Night (Lamour Records) serves as the experimental playground for composer, filmmaker and street photographer Patrik Blomberg Book, also known as DA BOOK.


    As the founder and composer of Swedish synth band Ausgang Verboten back in 1983, Patrik Blomberg Book has been making electronic music ever since, releasing music under artist names such as DA BOOK, Patrik Book and Düsseldorf by Night.


    The discography of Patrik Blomberg Book features more than 30 full length albums. Notable releases are Düsseldorf by Night ”Images for Tape” (Lamour Records) nominated for best Experimental Album at Swedens Manifest Galan in 2016, and the vinyl EP - DA BOOK ”VIXXEN” released by legendary Börft Records in 2019.


    In an earlier Düsseldorf by Night project named ”The Found Tapes Project” Blomberg Book explored the sonic live improvisational possibilities of found cassette tapes. The project laid the foundations for the album ”Images for Tape” released by Lamour Records in 2015.


    In his most recent 2019 / 2020 Düsseldorf by Night project ”En Ny Ädelsten I Malmös Diadem” - Blomberg Book uses a film from 1964 about ”Kronprinsen” - the first skyscraper built in his hometown of Malmö, Sweden, as a starting point for exploring his own childhood memories of the building. Voice samples from the 1964 film are set in a contemporary electronic rhythmical soundscape weaving the yesterday with today resulting in what one member of the audience at a recent concert described as the sound of a feverish dream.


    Upcoming concerts:

    Düsseldorf by Night at Molekyl Gallery, Båstadsgatan, Malmö, Sweden, 16:th November 2019


    Düsseldorf by Night live at Eter Festival, Lund, Sweden,

    25:th January 2020, Main Stage: 22.00

  • DA BOOK Live Electro Set at Halycon, Williamsburg NYC, 2019

    Press pic to arrive at Youtube clip.

    Photo: Viktoria Blomberg Book

    DA BOOK at Disco Tehran / Loftus Hall, BERLIN 2019


    Video: Viktoria Blomberg Book

  • DA BOOK "VIXXEN" (börft162)

    Release Date: 01/01 - 2019

    From Clone: "A real Techno / House / Electrosynth Stomper!! Patrik Book has being in our knowledge since we were kids and listening to his early project AUSGANG VERBOTEN "Entertainment", a real underground synth tape released back in 84 and later re-released as LP by Genetic Music 2004." Enough said, 100% POWER! This wont slip!"

  • The 4 first tracks on the Da Book album Abbekås. Abbekås is one of the 30 albums that was released on the 2:nd of November 2018. Trumpet on track 1 and 4 by Magnus Jarlbo.

    Music video for the track Mobilia 87 taken from the album Dansa Apa.

    This is a link to an introductional playlist on Spotify to welcome the listener into the vast body of music featured in the release of 30 albums made on 2:nd of November 2018.

    VIXXEN börft 162

    DA BOOK "VIXXEN" released on Legendary label BÖRFT.

    A sneak peek listen is available by pressing the picture above.

  • 30 full length albums (and then some) was released by DA BOOK on 2:nd of November 2018

    Cover Art by Patrik Blomberg Book

    Photos of Da Book by Viktoria Blomberg Book



    Full listing of the release

    Links to all releases, featured below. NB: available on all major streaming sites.


    Mjuk Betong



    Old school house esthetics gone leftfield and taken down to around 90-100 bpm. Vocal cut ups, some distorted 707, heavy and rough bass, naive and arty rhythms and one track featuring poetry in Swedish. The lyrics to Mjuk Betong can be found in another section on this website.


    1. South London

    2. House Music

    3. Mjuk Betong

    4. Eva Stay Down

    5. Malin and Ramona

    6. This is Acid

    7. What is Going On?

    8. Monotonie Triviale

    9. Fanny Ardant

    10. Madeleine Morgenstern

    11. Mjuk Betong, Remix




    This is a concept album about a city that is no more. The city of Malmö has suddenly disappeared. The old Kockum area is the only thing left. Recorded after dark in a small office room at Kockums shipyard in Malmö in a music style that could possibly be described as progg-punk-tronica.


    1. Malmö Är Väck

    2. Kockum Love

    3. Kronprinsens Intern TV

    4. Pågadrul

    5. Nittiofem Procent Rent Psyke

    6. Radhus på Djupadal (och fast jobb på Sydsvenskan)

    7. Blekingsborg

    8. Malmösorg

    9. Kapitalisten

    10. Media Convulsion City




    Dark, clubby, sometimes dubby, tech house, 125 bpm´ish mostly. Dare I say Berlin...


    1. Teufelsberg

    2. Year Zero

    3. Düsseldorf Platz

    4. Krakow

    5. Doeppler

    6. Train to Brixton

    7. Acid Tape

    8. Senefelderstraße

    9. Shot

    10. Neon Asphalt




    Leftfield, lo fi and with a naivity paired with a somewhat itching sensation throughout many of the tracks. Track 3 is a tribute to Dinge David who used to roam the streets of Malmö back in the day. What if he turned out to be Jesus Christ himself?


    1. Ohne Menschen

    2. Monomania

    3. David Walk The Streets

    4. Monomonday

    5. Drama

    6. You Understand

    7. Party in Bed

    8. Fluxman

    9. Trans Ambulare

    10. Subnormal




    All tracks composed and recorded in Berlin in a small apartment in Sophienstraße during three dark, snowy and freezing weeks in January 2017.


    1. Ein Form

    2. Dust and Sparwasser

    3. Svart

    4. Der Trauma

    5. Hackbarths

    6. Auguststraße

    7. Sophienstraße

    8. Den Bärande Balken

    The Old Modern



    Every now and then I get a vision in my dreams of slowed down Kraftwerky naive music recorded in a church environment with old unprogrammable muffled and monotonous drummachines and choirs singing slightly sad but kinda rhythmically to this. I did not reach the vision here, but I will not give up.


    1. Helsingborg

    2. The Old Modern

    3. Es Klopft Ans Fenster

    4. Choir Rock

    5. Moldavian Youth

    6. Wonderfoil

    7. Carpet Scent

    8. The Photographer

    9. Field Recorder

    10. The Modern Old

    Düsseldorf by Night - Live In Concert



    A live album with my experimental act Düsseldorf by Night live in Berlin, London and Malmö. Düsseldorf by Night was nominated for Manifestgalan 2016, for best experimental album - Images for Tape, released on Lamour Records.


    1. Live at Spektrum, Berlin

    2. Live at Café OTO, London

    3. Live at Skånes Konstförening, Malmö




    Branko rarely goes out. The blinds in his apartment are always down. He looks through the blinds sometimes. What he sees, he turns into audio.


    1. I Know my Branko

    2. Otto

    3. Jungen Under Reichtag

    4. Interbranko

    5. Una Ragazza

    6. Pratos Sexy

    7. Brankovic Terminal

    8. Cassette Vision

    9. Polite Society

    10. Exit Brankovina

    Hudson Soft

    1. Hudson Soft

    2. Zilog

    3. Interton

    4. Klomino

    5. Emerson Radio

    6. Nichibutsu

    7. Intellivision

    Video Erotique



    Pop! Synthy, soft, melodic, vocoders. It´s a French summer in synth and Kraftwerky club town! And what is wrong in the state of Denmark?


    1. Somerville Road

    2. Video Erotique

    3. Boombox

    4. Umama

    5. Walk Away

    6. State of Denmark

    7. Bossa Moderne

    8. Boombox Remix

    Kinky Happy



    Night tripper Yamato meets Tamaki in a Love Hotel in downtown Tokyo. They are both in a state of transit. Japanese cut ups, breaks, experimental, happy, rhythmic. Let´s throw in a German bakery (Bäckerei) for added amusement!


    1. In Transit

    2. Yamato

    3. Night Tripper

    4. Tamaki

    5. Kinky Happy

    6. It should come to this

    7. Bäckerei

    8. Yoyogi Park

    9. Love Hotel

    10. Una Donna

    Cleveland Rising



    Maybe not for the fainthearted? Experimental, noise, lo fi, ugly, with a pounding sugary floppy heart. It´s only noise and no rock n´roll but I love it.


    1. Cleveland Rising

    2. Dancing On A Rocket

    3. Cuyahoga River Revisited

    4. Stop Texting Start Dancing

    5. What About That Writers Group

    6. Slapper Jazzer

    7. Ticket Booth Incident

    8. Future Conversations

    9. Seven Eleven

    10. Microcentro




    Detective Wallanders bastard of a son trapped in an elevator in Abbekås with nothing but a battery operated slowly fading transistor radio playing local juvenile dub music to keep him company. Track 1 and 4 features trumpet by Magnus Jarlbo.


    1. Abbekås Elevation

    2. Abbekassz

    3. Kingsley Hall

    4. Kone Death

    5. Radio is Dead Dub

    6. Ouverture for The Highway

    7. Backafloden

    8. Västra Nöbbelöv

    9. Efter Backafloden

    10. Abbi Campana





    Old drummachines found in Gotland make the search for Ruth turn into love in a box. Let´s keep Gotland Rent Controlled says Dr Vogler!


    1. Rent Controlled

    2. Love In A Box

    3. Bergmania

    4. Garlic Man

    5. The Search For Ruth

    6. Doktor Vogler

    7. The Funk Demon

    8. Privat och Statligt Anställd

    9. Ship Bound For Svarte

    10. The Passion of Anna Book

    Da Book in Da House



    Quintessential old school Da Book music. Pump it up. Jam on it. Shut up and dance.


    1. Da Book in Da House

    2. It´s Alright

    3. Downtown

    4. Move Your Body

    5. Sloppy Fox

    6. Live 4 Ever

    7. Baby

    8. Knock Me Daddy

    9. Everybody

    10. Yeah Babe

    Life is Dub



    What can I tell you? Life is Dub. All kinds a Dub.


    1. Frederiksberg

    2. Life is Dub

    3. Winston

    4. Dramaten

    5. Rörsjöstaden Dub

    6. Dubmaster Taurus

    7. Shortwave Dark Session

    8. Go About Business Dub


    Seven Pints



    Super old stuff to be found here. Bear with me. So, I put it out there. So kill me.


    1. More Than Seven Pints

    2. Right Here Right Now

    3. Music Is Hypnotizin

    4. Prague

    5. Limelite

    6. Regular Individual

    7. Do It Again

    8. Strike A Moose

    9. LSD


    Syldavian Hotdog

    1. Panorama Bar

    2. Glowshroom

    3. Please Call

    4. Syldavian Hotdog

    5. Industrial Mistakes

    6. Too Big Hoodie

    7. Welcome To Malmö

    8. Iliotibial Band





    I have a very basic synth called Mochika. It is handmade in Lima, Peru. It is the foundation for this album. Enjoy.


    1. Dementia

    2. Rocksteady in Space

    3. Alien Poker

    4. Montevideo Moon

    5. Life On Earth

    6. Argosy

    7. Legs Without A Body

    8. For The Ladies

    9. Bluechika





    An album close to my heart. My childhood summers was spent in my grandfathers house in Mossby outside of Ystad. As a child I loved walking about alone in the rain in Mossbystrand. Bathing? Not so often.


    1. Bärnsten

    2. Kristoffer

    3. Flugsommar

    4. Brikettdöd

    5. Ronnie

    6. Lullaby for Ester

    7. Mossbykvällar

    8. Eira


    Urban Cowboy



    Another quintessential rather typical da book dance album. What else? Oh, the "It´s an Ottoman"-quote is by Max Von Sydows character in the Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters, a masterpiece (the film that is). Play Loud in a discotheque of your own choosing.


    1. Brooklyn Girl

    2. The Man From Öresund

    3. Urban Cowboy

    4. Splash

    5. It´s an Ottoman

    6. El Retiro

    7. Droxla

    8. Magnavox

    9. Heathview

    10. Zemmix


    Radio One



    I aint no singer. But here I am featuring my sad ass vocal on all of this albums tracks. Well, I guess as you get older you don´t care that much. "Enjoy" :-) Warning - really old stuff here.


    1. Fairy Queen

    2. Play For Keeps

    3. Fuck Around

    4. Freestyle

    5. TV Babe

    6. Some People

    7. Unplug The Phone

    8. Radio One

    9. Wake Up At Dawn





    Noisy-le-Grand is a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. Some of the postmodern architecture in the commune has been used as a shooting location in movies such as Brazil.


    1. Noisy-Le-Grand

    2. Pankow

    3. Nao at Home

    4. Radioactive Stroll

    5. Neue Tanz

    6. Not in use

    7. Bogdan got married

    8. Akiko in Berlin

    9. After Death Before Math


    126 Cartridge



    This is very typical for the kind of danceable music that I made in the beginning of the 2000´s when living in Copenhagen.


    1. 126 Cartridge

    2. Polavision

    3. The Kids Are Taping

    4. In Your Apartment

    5. Nerds Revenge

    6. Microvision

    7. Video Me

    8. Shut Up

    9. Norelco

    10. Magnetophonix


    Breakbeat Archives Volume 1



    Spending the late part of the 80ies listening to the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Eric B and Rakim I was heavily breakbeat orientated come the 90ies. As a result I did quite a lot of breakbeats back then. I gathered some of them into three albums. This is the first one.


    1. Mother

    2. Difficult

    3. Skills

    4. 99 Cents

    5. In Your Neighbourhood

    6. Next Message

    7. Formula Legal

    8. 299 Dollars

    9. Mouth

    10. This is 97


    Breakbeat Archives Volume 2



    Spending the late part of the 80ies listening to the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Eric B and Rakim I was heavily breakbeat orientated come the 90ies. As a result I did quite a lot of breakbeats back then. I gathered some of them into three albums. This is the second one.


    1. Secrets

    2. One Happy MF

    3. All By Yourself

    4. This Station

    5. Leave The Way

    6. Desires

    7. Beat Central

    8. Chillin Like Dat

    9. Cityscape


    Breakbeat Archives Volume 3



    Spending the late part of the 80ies listening to the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Eric B and Rakim I was heavily breakbeat orientated come the 90ies. As a result I did quite a lot of breakbeats back then. I gathered some of them into three albums. This is the third and last one.


    1. Flow

    2. Jerkerz

    3. On It

    4. Breaking The Rules

    5. Instrumental

    6. Malmö City

    7. Stereophonic

    8. Thugs

    9. Cruisin Beat

    10. Beat 999


    Fear of a Bipolar Planet

    1. Clothes

    2. Analogica

    3. Volatile Tom

    4. Fear of a Bipolar Planet

    5. Flexwood Stak

    6. Kiosk Of Senses

    7. La Brea

    8. Simplish

    9. Generation Of Doubts


    Dansa Apa



    This is the very latest material here. I made this whole album in a couple of days in September 2018 in a frenzy without censuring myself too much. Basic, rough, minimal and to the point 123 bpm club music with some old school estethics and simple 1-2 bar basslines by cheap synths and some occasional late night vocals / cut ups. Play Loud.


    1. Wanna Feel U

    2. Mobilia 87

    3. Föreningsgatan

    4. Dansa Apa

    5. Parnassen

    6. Bönpallen

    7. Technoguzzen

    8. IQ Sjöbo

    9. Shunnen goofar

    10. Biljett till Eslöv

    One Taboo To Go



    Exclusive! This album was released by Belgian Label Exit Records in 2001. It has never been available on streaming sites before.


    1. Club 2020

    2. A-Bomb from a Friend

    3. Hey Love

    4. Logic Dancing

    5. This woman used to date me

    6. They Would Compose

    7. Broken

    8. Parlados

    9. Stetson Wop

    10. Sunstrip

    11. Je N´aime Pas Le Jazz

    12. High Five

    13. Playing Tricks

    14. The Top

    15. Don´t be The Prostitute

    16. Discoparty

    17. Da Book

    Francois Truffaut



    Really old stuff. A three track EP with a breakbeatish vibe. A hommage to one of the greatest directors of all time.


    1. Francois Truffaut (Radio Edit)

    2. Francois Truffaut (The Green Room Remix)

    3. Francois Truffaut (Day for Night Remix)



    The Onion Remixes



    It´s a poppy song about an onion. What else do you need to know?


    1. The Onion (Organic Remix)

    2. The Onion (Glutamate Remix)

    3. The Onion ((Club Remix)



    Adventures in Agadir



    Really old stuff! Some slices from a cassette tape bought in Agadir, Morocco, is sampled and used in the two first tracks.


    1. Theme from Agadir

    2. Cut to the Chase

    3. In it for the Camels

    4. End Credits


    A-Bomb from a Friend



    The radio edit was the single from the Da Book album One Taboo To Go that was released by Belgian Label Exit Records in 2001. A lot of the remixes here are previously unreleased. Nina Natri features on vocals. The Radio Edit was produced and mixed by Håkan Lidbo.


    1. Radio Edit

    2. Madrid Remix

    3. Barcelona Remix

    4. Valencia Remix

    5. Regis Remix

  • Interview with Da Book

    Questions and photos by Viktoria Blomberg Book

    On the 2:nd of November 2018 you released a hefty 30 albums simultaneously. Why all the music?

    - Because I make a lot of music. I´ve been composing and recording since the mid 1980:s. I was only a kid back then. This release contains music as far back as the mid 90:s up to pretty recent stuff.

    What took you so long to release it?

    - My energy through the years has gone into making music rather than presenting it to the outside world. I make it, put it away, forget all about it and then make more stuff and this kinda repeats. I have indeed released stuff through the years, but only a very small fraction of what I have been producing. Anyway, all of a sudden I stopped, looked back, had a deep listen through the archives and here we are.

    Is this the biggest music release of all times?

    - Ha ha, I am not sure. I think it may be one of the biggest simultaneous releases. In Sweden at least.

    How do I know where to begin listening?

    - You can start anywhere. Spotify themselves made a "This is DA BOOK"-playlist with approx 50 tracks, that is one way to start. I recently made this playlist: https://spoti.fi/2S8YiMd

    Is it true that BÖRFT will release a vinyl EP in 2019 with 5 tracks not featured in this other massive release?

    It is indeed, yes. Looking forward to that. I love BÖRFT :-)

    Apart from electronic music, you also compose for String Quartet, but deep down you´re a true Hip Hop head, no?

    - Hell yeah. Me be all about Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, Run the Jewels and all that. But I do fancy me a bit of the old Shostakovich string quartets as well. Word.

    Should people be naked listening to your music?

    It´s optional. But, yes.


    Article in Sydsvenskan (Swedish newspaper)

    Malmömusiker släpper 36 plattor på en dag – ”Det är ju en vansinnesidé”

    Malmömusikern Patrik Blomberg Book slår troligen ett rejält världsrekord om några veckor. I början av november släpper han 30 album, 3 ep:s och 3 singlar med sin egen musik på en och samma dag. PRESS PIC TO GET TO ARTICLE.

    Press Release in Swedish

    Svensk artist släpper 36 plattor på samma dag

    Den svenska elektronisk musik-artisten Da Book släpper 36 plattor på en och samma dag. Musiken är inspelad under en 20-års period och spänner över house, techno, dub, experimental, breakbeats och proggpunktronica. Skivsläppet sker den 2:e november 2018 och rymmer totalt över 300 låtar fördelat på 30 album, 3 EP´s och 3 singlar. PRESS PIC TO GET TO PRESS RELEASE.

    The Music Biz in Sweden reports on the release

    Musikindustrin.se writes about the gigantic release

    Da Book tar i rejält när han släpper musik 2/11. På en och samma gång släpps 36 plattor, 300 låtar, musik inspelad under en 20-års period. PRESS PIC TO GET TO ARTICLE.

    Music site GAFFA.SE reports on the release

    GAFFA.SE writes about the massive release

    Den svenska electro-musikern Da Book släpper hela 30 plattor – på en och samma dag. Musiken inkluderar house, techno, dub, experimental, breakbeats och proggpunktronica och är inspelad under en 20-årsperiod. PRESS PIC TO GET TO ARTICLE.

    Press Release in English

    Press Release + press pictures

    Here you will find the press release in english and two press pictures. PRESS PIC TO GET TO PRESS KIT IN ENGLISH.

  • Mjuk Betong (lyrics)


    din fucker

    mjuk betong


    lös i lederna




    vill allt

    kan inget



    dig själv

    ryms inte




    med döden




    jag måste

    stilla mig



    jagets periferi






    din egen


    stilla dig


    stilla dig


    gör om

    stanna kvar

    förbli ditt eget

    nya jag


    kasta ditt spår

    i ansiktet

    på andra

    be inte

    jag finns

    om ursäkt

    för evig tid




    närmar mig slutet

    i mitten

    av allt


    ett barn

    dina frågor

    är svaret


    är svaret


    dina frågor

    är svaret


    under sängen


    under sängen


    går av



    ringer in

    ett arbete

    två dygn

    en bortre gräns




    under sängen


    under sängen


    går av



    ringer in

    ett arbete

    två dygn

    en bortre gräns






    nya hålkort


    som nagellack







    vad kan du


    bry dig

    för mycket

    och ingen

    kommer hit

    du blöder

    jag lämnar dig





    kasta ditt spår

    i ansiktet

    på andra

    be inte

    jag finns

    om ursäkt

    för evig tid





    närmar mig slutet

    i mitten

    av allt


    ett barn

    dina frågor

    är svar


    dina frågor

    är svar


    dina frågor

    är svar


    dina frågor

    är svar


  • Earlier Da Book Releases

    Da Book - A-Bomb from a Friend

    12" Vinyl released on Håkan Waxegårds Grand Recordings label in 1998. Features Fidget singer Nina Natri on vocals. Radio Edit produced by Håkan Lidbo.

    Da Book - One Taboo To Go

    Format: Album

    Media: CD

    Genre: Electronic

    Label: Exit Records, Brussels

    Year: 2001

    Artwork: Mikael Forth / Photography: Viktoria Blomberg Book

    Da Book - Homme Fatale

    Format: Album

    Media: Digital

    Genre: Electronic

    Year: 2013


  • Releases under other names, etc.

    Ausgang Verboten - Entertainment

    Format: Album

    Media: Vinyl

    Genre: Synth

    Label: Genetic Music, Germany

    Year: The vinyl was released 2004. The original cassette tape was released 1984. No alterations were made to the vinyl edition except mastering.

    Patrik Book - Pojken, Brödkniven & Krogragget

    Format: Album

    Media: Digital

    Genre: Experimental

    Year: 2011

    Artwork: Mikael Forth / Photography: Viktoria Blomberg Book


    Düsseldorf by Night - Images for Tape

    Format: Album

    Media: Cassette Tape and Digital

    Genre: Experimental

    Label: Lamour Records

    Year: 2015

    Artwork: Esa Tanttu

    NB: Nominated for best experimental album at Manifest Galan 2016


    Patrik Blomberg Book - String Quartet No 1 - Turn Around

    My very first work for string quartet had it´s first performance at the Pufendorf Institute in Lund, Sweden on the 18:th November 2016.

    Performers: Kvartett 168.

    Durata: 30 min.

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